Redundancy advice in Canberra

Whether Voluntary Or Not, It's Important To Create A Sound Financial Plan For Redundancy

Redundancy can be a stressful and uncertain time. Decisions need to be made, plans put in place, resumes refreshed—or if you've been in the job a long time, maybe drafted for the first time in decades. It can often seem catastrophic, but interestingly, 12 months after the fact many of our clients say redundancy was actually a gift.

Redundancy can be a time to celebrate a fresh start that you perhaps could have taken years ago. After speaking to us and with a little planning, many of our clients have viewed redundancy as a 'lotto win', enabling them to move forward into the next stage of their lives—be that early retirement or new employment opportunities.

Good planning puts your mind at ease and can make redundancy less troublesome.

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