Protecting your wealth & lifestyle

If The Worst Happens And You Cannot Provide For Yourself And Your Family, A Well-Planned Insurance Policy Through Milestone Will Help Fill The Gaps.

Life has a way of throwing a spanner in the works. Don't risk being unable to pay for basic living or business expenses. An insurance policy provides peace of mind, knowing you won't end up struggling.

What sort of insurance do you need?

Personal Protection
There are a number of personal insurances available and at Milestone we assist clients in determining what is needed and at what level. Having too much insurance is a waste of resources; having too little insurance creates the potential for financial problems. Milestone can facilitate the following personal insurance covers:
  • Life Insurance (adults and children)
  • Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance
  • Income Protection & Salary Continuance Insurances
  • Trauma Insurance ( adults and children)

Watch the video below for a more detailed explanation and example

Business Protection
Business protection is about protecting families; the family of the deceased and the families of remaining business partners. Many small and medium-sized business owners are unaware of the implications of a business partner passing away, particularly that the Executor of the deceased estate takes the place of the deceased owners' interest in the business until the estate has been finalised.

Milestone is able to facilitate the appropriate advice and insurance products for the following protection:

  • A Business Will
    • It is essential for all small and medium-sized businesses to have what Milestone refers to as a "Business Will" – otherwise known as a Buy/Sell Agreement or Succession Plan.  This is a document which determines, in advance, how the business will be dealt with in the event of an owner passing away, becoming totally disabled or experiencing a major trauma.  It also deals with how an owner can exit the business while still alive and healthy, including mergers and acquisitions.
  • Key Person Insurance
    • Many businesses are exposed to key person risk; where there is a risk of the business suffering financially should a key person exit. Key person insurance can assist the business to manage the financial burden of losing a key employee.
  • Group Protection Insurance
    • Staff incentive programs are often difficult to create and administer. Many businesses use Group Insurances such as Group Income Protection, to provide valuable protection benefits to their staff.
  • Group Life and Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance
  • Group Superannuation Plans including Life and Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance