Our Approach

Milestone Helps You Achieve Your Goals.

What makes Milestone different is that we are 100% focused on you and your goals. We believe that everyone should follow what’s in their heart, so we’ve created a tool which helps you to take a step back and understand what your ideal future may look like, and how you could get there. The Goals Explorer is an innovative approach to financial advice that allows you to explore as many life goals as you’d like. Using modern touch screen technology, you can explore what’s important to you. With guidance from one of our coaches, the Goals Explorer will help you plan and prioritise your goals so you can see where you want life to take you.

There are many aspects to your financial plan which we discuss with you. Some of the strategies and issues we discuss include the following:

  1. My Lifestyle – building a strategic action plan and defining how you would like to live.
  2. Cash Flow Matters – creating a spending plan (budget), and having the right tools to make it work simply and easily, every time. This is the foundation of a successful financial plan.
  3. Debt Free – get out of debt fast. The old parable says; "The borrower is slave to the lender". Discover ways to break the bondage.
  4. Lifestyle Protection – making sure we protect our biggest assets sensibly. This includes protecting most people's biggest asset; their ability to get up every day and earn a living. "Eat well, exercise, be healthy and get income protection!"
  5. Accelerate – use time-proven strategies and our expert advice to fast track goal achievement and your desired lifestyle.
  6. Passive Income – creating growing, passive income streams to gain back your time and get you ahead faster.
  7. Legacy – making sure that you pass things on correctly, to the right people, at the right time, in the right way and minimise tax.
  8. Financial Peace – this comes before financial freedom. Financial peace comes about when you know you are financially well-organised, on track and in control.
  9. Financial Freedom – is achieved when you no longer have to give your time for money. You can work or not, and it's totally up to you.