Home loan advice in Canberra

Milestone is not just a financial planning business. We also have a dedicated Finance Team who are licensed through many different lenders, allowing them to find competitive rates on home loans, investment property loans and car leases. Aaron McInnes, one of Milestone's financial planners and mortgage brokers talks about Milestone's approach to lending and home loans.

Milestone's dedicated mortgage brokers are able to assist you with the following products, through a variety of bank and non-traditional lenders:

  • Mortgages, including home loans for first Home Buyers
  • Mortgage Offset Accounts
  • Car Leasing /Finance
  • Equipment Finance
  • Personal Loans

Eliminate your debt with Milestone

No-one likes to have debt hanging over them. Too much debt can be stressful and can often stop you from achieving your goals in other areas. However, well structured debt, used wisely, can set you back on the path to financial freedom.

We classify debt into 3 categories

  1. Very bad debt - eg credit cards and personal loans
  2. Bad debt - eg your home loan
  3. OK debt - eg debt related to investments

Milestone assists clients to repay their 'very bad debt' as quickly as possible using strategies including the Milestone 'Debt snowball' program. We also encourage clients to repay their bad debt, such as their home loans, faster by making higher repayments, using offset accounts and structuring loans to maximise repayment potential.

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If you would like more information contact us. Or visit our website for Milestone Lending Solutions.

This is what Milestone's clients say about our service

From considerable credit card debt and rather uncontrolled spending, to being financially secure - debt free, with savings in the bank and a deposit big enough to start building our first house later this year - all in less than 18 months. Simple advice, with outstanding results. All thanks to Aaron, Andrew and the rest of the Milestone team. This all would not have been possible without their guidance and support along the way. Thanks guys! Look forward to building on our successes with you.  Paul and Eva, 2014

Having each section of your personal finances broken down and mapped out to give you attainable goals make things alot more achievable. Busy people often know what they SHOULD be doing but find the thought of dealing with and researching the process becomes too time consuming and daunting, it often goes into the too hard basket or "I'll do it when I have time" and that never comes. I really appreciate the regular communication as well, at no stage was I left wondering what was happening. This is an extremely sound service to help you achieve your financial goals whatever they may be. We all have different things we want to achieve and to have a professional sit down and go through your individual circumstances can highlight some potential pitfalls coming that you weren't aware of or point out a more efficient model of what you already have in place that may be more beneficial and get you where you want to be that much faster. We all want to get "there" as quickly as we can and for some us accountability and sound advice is what we need to do it. We definitely need someone dangling a "carrot" just in front of us. Left to our own devices - we'd eat it! Amanda and Shane, 2012 

Ashley was incredibly friendly and informative throughout the entire mortgage selection process, trying to find the best mortgage for my needs. He walked me though all the steps required making the process essentially stress-free. Milestone client 2015

Ashley is responsive and easy to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend his services, he makes things easy to understand and seamless for his clients. Milestone client 2015

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