Gen Y

Master Money Habits And Create Goals Early With Milestone: Set Yourself Up For A Prosperous Future.

When starting out in your career you want to enjoy the flexibility of not being tied down by excessive debts. A few years down the track however, if you decide to settle down, you will want to have something to show for 10 years+ working.

Achieving future financial freedom and peace of mind can be determined by the foundations you lay early on. You wouldn't build a home without solid foundations – building your financial security is much the same.

What can Milestone do to help?

We can:
  • Provide flexible options that won't tie you down
  • Assist with setting realistic goals based on your resources (which leads to less disappointment)
  • Help set you up so when you are ready to buy a home you will be able to.
  • Work with you to create a balanced lifestyle based on your immediate wants and your future goals and needs.

“One thing that I really liked was what my financial planner Darren said about living life with a purpose, being more aware about the decisions I make in life.” Ros Doolan, a Gen Y Accounting Professional

“I’ve only been with Milestone for a short time and whilst I’m only at the beginning stages of my financial future the guidance, tools, information and advice has been so helpful. I believe with Milestone I’ll be able to develop and grow my financial situation for a brighter, wealthier future.” Kathryn M, Gen Y.

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