Serving Canberra for over 40 Years, Milestone Have A Unique Understanding Of Government And Defence Superannuation Schemes.

Understanding your options regarding investment, insurance and contribution to your super is crucial if you are to maximise your retirement benefits. If you're not confident using super fund calculators or are unsure of your insurance benefits you will benefit from our knowledge and experience. As you approach retirement age, these questions become more timely.

We work closely with the following defence and superannuation funds, along with many others:
  • PSSap – Public Sector Superannuation accumulation plan (the new public service super fund)
  • PSS – Public Sector Superannuation Scheme
  • CSS – Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme
  • DFRDB - Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits fund
  • MSBS – Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme

To find out more about how Milestone can help you with government and defence superannuation funds, please get in touch today