PSS, CSS and Military Super advice in Canberra

PSS, CSS and Military Super - Milestone Have A Unique Understanding Of Government And Defence Superannuation Schemes.

As a member of a defined benefit Government Scheme, you may be entitled to generous benefits when you retire. However, if you are thinking of leaving the Public Service or the Military, whether it is as a result of redundancy, retirement or a career change, it is vital that you get advice regarding your super. General advice about your entitlements can help you in a limited way - as will using the PSS or CSS calculators to understand your position in the future. However, we believe that understanding how your superannuation entitlements fit with your overall financial plan is crucial if you are to maximise your retirement benefits and ultimately achieve your long term goals.

The announced super changes may affect your defined benefit entitlements. Click here for more information

If you really want to understand where you are heading, we can help with our extensive knowledge and experience of the Government schemes.

We work closely with the following defence and superannuation funds, along with many others:

  • PSSap – Public Sector Superannuation accumulation plan (the new public service super fund)
  • PSS – Public Sector Superannuation Scheme
  • CSS – Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme
  • DFRDB - Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits fund
  • MSBS – Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme

If you are leaving as a result of a voluntary (or involuntary) redundancy, download this Free Report & Checklist which may help you with the issues that need to be considered at

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