30 Day Spending Challenge

Take The 30 Day Spending Challenge To Get Financially Well Organised And On Your Way To Financial Peace & Financial Freedom

Are you concerned about your spending habits but aren't sure where to look to make changes? Do you want to get in control of your finances?

Then this challenge is for you!

What will you discover?

  • How to identify your actual spending habits rather than what you've been telling yourself they are.
  • Test and see if you are really committed to get control of your finances and ultimately into financial freedom - have you got the sticking-power that's required?  This is why it is called a Challenge!
  • Set a foundation.  This is the first step to Financial Peace & Financial Freedom

Is it worthwhile?

Are you kidding?  Is Financial Peace and Financial Freedom worthwhile?  Of course it is.  Imagine being in total control of your finances and having the freedom to work (or not), the freedom to travel and the freedom to give.  Definitely worthwhile!

How do I do it? Just follow these 6 simple steps

Start Now.  You've only got one life, you may as well get on with living it!

  1. Enter your details below to register
  2. Consider WHY you want Financial Freedom.  Write down why it means so much to you.  How will you feel when you achieve it.  How does life look?
  3. What would it be like NOT to achieve Financial Freedom?  Again, write it down.  What does it feel like to know you could have achieved it but didn't take the steps to make it happen?
  4. Decide to make a change NOW.  Get committed to taking the action for fit & healthy finances
  5. Record all spending for the next 30 days – it's that EASY.  You may wish to use a note pad or your smart-phone to ensure you record the spending as it happens.  A great i-Phone app is Expense Tracker Spending or Money Monitor.
  6. Add up your spending in each category of spending.  For example, add up all the money you've spent on groceries, coffee, wine, take-aways etc.  What do you notice?  It is said that information is power, with this new information about your spending habits you now have the power to make changes and take control of your money – rather than it controlling you.

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